About Us

Montague Dental Group is a patient-centered general dental practice located in Montague Massachusetts. Our practive focuses on prevention, and restorative dental treatments with a solid tradition of personalized, exceptional family dental care in a friendly, comfortable environment… for the smiles of your life!



Dr. Daniel Cohen and his staff are dedicated to continue bringing you and your families the optimum standard of care for all of your individual dental needs.

We utilize proven and accepted dental treatments for the best therapeutic outcomes for all our patients, both young and old. In addition, to the wide range of dental services available, we offer one-on-one treatment planning individualized for patient needs.

We are committed to giving you the highest ethical and quality care while providing financial options that will allow our patients and their families to finally reach optimum dental health. Our office staff will always be working on your behalf with your insurance carrier to make sure that your services are covered and your benefits are utilized properly.